Terms and Conditions



 Customer and Element Wireless, LLC., (“Provider”) enter into an agreement, (the “Agreement”) as follows:

  1. Provider shall make reasonable efforts to furnish to Customer the services and/or equipment described in the elected “Service Plan” which is incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. The phrases, “Commencement Date”, “Monthly Rate”, and “Service Plans”, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the “Service Plan”. Customer shall make reasonable efforts to furnish Provider with access and adequate space and location to install and maintain services and/or equipment referenced in this Agreement and Service Plan. 
  2. General Obligations
    • Customer agrees to provide Provider with accurate, complete and current information at the time Customer executes this Agreement, including Customer’s legal name (or business name), address, telephone number(s), e-mail address(s), and payment data at the time Customer subscribes to Provider’s Internet Service. After Customer’s execution of this Agreement and attached Service Plan and Customer’s initial connection to the Internet, Customer agrees that prior to making any changes to Customer’s Premises Equipment used to connect to Provider’s Service, Customer agrees to contact Provider and obtain Provider’s approval prior to Customer making any changes.  Customer’s failure to provide accurate information regarding Customer’s Premises Equipment changes will constitute a breach of this Agreement and may result in Provider terminating service to Customer.
    • Customer agrees that the Internet service provided under this Agreement is personal to and specific to Customer at Customer’s registered address and premises as shown above and on the attached Service Plan. Customer agrees that it will be a violation of this Agreement to allow Provider’s Internet Service to be transmitted, or otherwise provided in any way, to any other person, Internet user, entity or business that is located separate from, off, or outside Customer’s address and/or premises. In event Customer violates the herein referenced terms of this Agreement, Customer agrees that Provider will have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement and discontinue service to Customer. 
  3. Service and Performance

Our Service is provided on a “best efforts” or “as available” basis and our congestion management practices are in place to ensure that all Customers experience as high quality a service under varying usage periods. We do not impose any additional usage limits for the Service. In a manner consistent with our Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, we may monitor network traffic to ensure capacity is sufficient to maintain an efficient network load, to perform diagnostics and to otherwise manage and enhance the network. To help manage traffic on the network, during times of high demand, we may allocate available bandwidth among Customers on an equal basis, by account level. In addition, we may prioritize certain applications, such as public safety and voice, over other traffic types.

Provider expressly disclaims all warranties, including without limitation warranties of title or non-infringement, or the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This disclaimer shall apply to any equipment sold or loaned and to all advice, assistance, data, information, or service, now or subsequently furnished, delivered or made available by provider, its affiliates, its contractors, managers, members or their respective employees or agents. Provider does not warrant that service will be uninterrupted, or error free.

Neither Provider, nor its agents, contractors, employees, manager(s), or members (collectively referred to hereafter as “Provider’s Group”), will be responsible for, and Customer waives and relinquishes any claim against Provider’s Group for any damage, loss, cost or other expense, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, that Customer or any third party may suffer which is related to, or results from Customer’s use of the Service. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data or business resulting from delays, non-delivery, mis-delivery, or interruptions as a result of Provider’s or Customer’s (in)actions. CUSTOMER EXPRESSLY ASSUMES ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH CUSTOMER’S USE OF THE SERVICE, including but not limited to those that might occur from the introduction into Customer’s computer(s) of viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, or from unauthorized entry or entries into Customer’s computer(s) or any other problem, which result from use of, or occur through the Service. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, to the extent permitted by law, Provider’s Group from any damage, loss, cost or expense that may occur to Customer or any third party as a result of the use of the Service. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Provider’s Group harmless from any and all liabilities, costs, judgements and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, related to or arising from: (a) any violation of this Agreement by Customer, or by a third party or parties accessing the Service through Customer; (b) use of the Service or the Internet or the placement or transmission of any message, information, software or other materials on the Internet by Customer, or by a third party or parties accessing the Service through Customer: (c) negligent acts or omissions of Customer’s officers, employees, agents or contractors in connection with the construction, installation, maintenance, presence, use or removal of systems, channels or terminal equipment or software, (whether or not furnished by Provider), which are connected or are to be connected to the Service; and (d) claims for infringement of patents arising from Customer’s use or use by a third party or parties accessing the Service through Customer, of equipment and software, apparatus and systems, (whether or not furnished by Provider), in connection with the Service.



  1. No Liability for Content

Customer acknowledges that Provider exercises no control over the form, content or nature of data, images, information, material or anything of whatever nature passing through the connection, (hereafter collectively referred to as “Data”) between Customer and Provider or obtained from any Data base maintained by Provider or others, except as may occur pursuant to the provisions of this Section or Section 5 of this Agreement. Customer assumes the entire risk that may arise from the use or transmission from, through or to itself of any Data, WHICH MAY INCLUDE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL OR MATERIAL OFFENSIVE TO SOME PERSONS. Provider shall have no duty or obligation to advise Customer of any risk that may arise from the availability, use, possession or transmission of Data or provide any information relating thereto, even if at any time Provider should attempt to do so. Should Provider, become aware of Data which, it, in its sole discretion, deems to be in violation of this

Agreement, unacceptable or undesirable, it may remove or refuse to post the Data. Provider’s liability for any allegedly defective service provided under this Agreement shall not exceed the monthly Service Fee or portion thereof paid by Customer to Provider. The Service provided to Customer shall be considered to have been accepted unless Customer shall provide written notice detailing the portion or portions of the Service alleged to be defective or inadequate to Provider no later than two (2) months after the day the allegedly defective or inadequate services were furnished by Provider. 

  1. Lawful Use

All use of Provider’s services must be for lawful purposes and in accordance with the Appropriate Use

Policy of any network accessed through Provider. Customer shall neither use, nor permit use of

Provider’s services in violation of any applicable federal, provincial or local statute, law, ordinance, regulation or rule, all of which are hereafter collectively referred to as “Governmental Rule”. Customer agrees that Provider has the right to do electronic monitoring and disclose information where required to do so by any Governmental Rule, or to facilitate operation of the system or to safeguard itself or other customers. Should use of the Service by Customer or by a third party or parties accessing the Service through Customer, cause Provider’s Internet Source to advise Provider that it will terminate or restrict Provider’s connectivity to the Internet, unless some specified action is taken, Provider may, by giving the lesser of fifteen (15) days advance notice to Customer or the time period specified by Provider’s Internet source, may temporarily suspend the Service, or some part thereof, limit or prevent use of the Service by a particular person, group or entity, and/or terminate this Agreement. No reduction in the Service Fee will be made if the Service or a part thereof is suspended or if a particular person, group or entity is not permitted to use the Service as provided in the previous sentence. If Provider elects to terminate the Service as permitted in this paragraph, Customer shall be entitled to a refund of 50% of the unused portion of any Services fees paid in advance and installments not yet due shall be canceled. 

  1. Notices

Notices or other communications required or permitted to be given pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be considered as properly given if delivered personally, sent by messenger and receipted, sent by facsimile transmission or mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, and addressed to customers mailing address as listed in Element Wireless, LLC. billing server. 


Element Wireless, LLC.

397 6th Street

Fisk MO 63940

(573) 415-0850



A party may change the address or phone numbers set out above for purposes of notice under this contract by giving written notice to the other party or parties hereto of such change in the same manner as is provided above. 

  1. Default

Default under this Agreement is a failure to comply with a material term or condition hereof. In the event of a default, the non-defaulting party may give the other party written notice specifying the default and the defaulting party shall have ten (10) days thereafter in which to cure same. If the default is by Customer, and not timely cured, Provider may; (i), terminate service to Customer and retain all prepaid amounts, or (ii) interrupt the Service until the default is cured with no refund of any prepaid amounts. In addition, Provider may also declare due and demand immediate payment of, any installments remaining unpaid, with interest thereon at the rate of (18%) per annum from the date of default in payment thereof until fully and finally paid, along with reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs or other expenses it may incur in enforcing this Agreement. If this Agreement is terminated by agreement or, if Provider fails to cure a noticed default, Customer may terminate this Agreement and as its sole and exclusive remedy, shall receive a portion of any prepaid Service Fee, pro-rated for half months remaining in the current Service Period, less any amounts which Customer may otherwise owe to Provider. Failure to declare any default immediately upon occurrence, or a delay in taking any action in connection therewith, shall not waive such default nor any legal right or privilege to take action at any time thereafter. Termination of service by Provider does not relieve Customer of existing debts. 

  1. Laws

Member assumes all knowledge of applicable law and is responsible for compliance with any such laws. Member may not use the Service in any way that violates applicable state, federal, or international laws, regulations or other government requirements. Member further agrees not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law or regulation. 


  1. Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable or responsible to the other party for any delay, damage, loss, failure or inability to perform caused by “force majeure”. The term “force majeure,” as used in this Agreement, shall include the following: an act of God, strike, act of a public enemy, war, mines or other items of ordinance, blockage, public rioting, lightning, fire, storm, hurricane, flood, explosions, inability to obtain materials, supplies, labor permits, servitude, or rights of way, acts or restraints of any governmental authority, epidemics, landslides, lightning storms, earthquakes, washouts, arrests, restraints of rulers and people, civil disturbances, explosions, breakage or accident to machinery or lines of equipment, temporary failure of equipment, freezing of equipment, and any other cause, whether of the kinds specifically enumerated above or otherwise, which is not reasonably within the control of the parties and which by the exercise of due diligence could not reasonably be prevented or overcome. Events reasonably within the control of the party having the difficulty shall not constitute “force majeure” and shall be remedied with the exercise of due diligence. This paragraph does not apply to payments due under this Agreement. 

  1. Payment

Payment is due net-15 days from invoice date. If Customer elects to pay by credit card payment is due on the day of the billing cycle. Should Customer fail to pay within such terms as set forth herein Provider shall have the right to temporarily suspend service until such time as Customer account is brought within terms. Customer agrees to pay a $25 reconnection/reinstatement charge for each occurrence in which Provider has restored service after suspending service for non-payment. Customer agrees to pay a $30 per incident service charge for any check, credit card or other monetary instrument presented to Provider for payment that fails to clear Customer financial institution. Customer agrees that Provider may use all legal remedies available to report and collect obligations due Provider under this Agreement and Customer agrees to pay Provider all reasonable costs for such collection service such as, but not limited to: collection agencies, court costs and attorney fees. 

  1. Refund Policy

All transactions completed within the Provider website, monetary and otherwise, are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-reversible, except in the event of mistake on the part of the Provider. In the event of refund of the amount to the customer for any reason, the amount will be refunded to the customer on the credit card/debit card/bank account that was paid. No cash refunds will be made. We reconcile all transactions daily. Any transactions that have been returned as NSF or invalid reasons will be processed within 10 days from the date of the transaction and an email will be sent confirming. If you have any other issues please contact us at:


Element Wireless, LLC.

397 6th Street

Fisk MO 63940

(573) 415-0850




  1. Service Plans

Customer agrees that Provider has multiple service plans and in any given billing period Customer actual usage may exceed the service plan initially selected by Customer in this Agreement due to additional services being ordered by Customer and/or use of services which exceed the initially selected service plan. Provider shall invoice Customer based on the actual services used for any given billing cycle. 

  1. Equipment

In event Customer utilizes equipment supplied by Provider, the equipment will remain the property of Provider.  Customer will use reasonable care to avoid damaging the equipment and Customer will not move, relocate, alter, sell, lease, assign, encumber or otherwise tamper with any equipment owned by Provider.  In event any of the equipment is not returned in good condition immediately upon termination of Customer’s Internet service, Customer will be charged, and Customer agrees to pay fair market value for replacement of any of the equipment. 

    • Provider’s Internet Service is for Customer’s personal use and is to be used only by Customer, Customer’s employees, and/or members of Customer’s immediate family residing with Customer or working for Customer (“Authorized Users”) at the address where service is authorized and configured by Provider consistent with the Service Plan of this Agreement.   Customer will at all times, until terminated, remain responsible for all use of Provider’s Internet Service delivered under Customer’s account.  Customer agrees not to resell, redistribute, network, assign, transfer or sublicense Customer’s access to Provider’s Internet Service in any manner.   Customer agrees not to use Provider’s Internet Service to operate as an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) or to operate any other business enterprise in competition with Provider’s Internet Service, including Customer agreeing not to use Provider’s Internet

Service for any type of business or commercial enterprise, including (but not limited to) the provision of Internet access to others or provision of a server site for FTP, Telnet, RLOGIN, electronic mail, web hosting or other comparable applications.   Customer agrees that Customer’s violation of this Section shall authorize Provider, in its sole discretion, to immediately disconnect Provider’s Internet Service to Customer and terminate this Agreement without notice.

  • Customer may, at Customer’s discretion, permit an Authorized User under 18 years of age to use Provider’s Internet Service upon Customer herein acknowledging and agreeing that Customer, at all times, will provide adult supervision of any and all under age user and remain fully responsible for the action of any underage user. Customer further acknowledges that Provider’s Internet Service provides full access to the Internet without restriction.  Provider’s Internet Service is not intended to be used to enable persons under 18 years of age to obtain material that is prohibited by law to be sent or displayed, including material deemed to be indecent or obscene.
  • Provider will provide Customer with an IP address/es. Customer agrees not to alter, modify or tamper with the IP address or those of any person subscribing to Provider’s Internet Service. Unless otherwise arranged with Customer, Provider will retain the right of any and all IP addresses upon Customer disconnection, discontinuance or termination of service.
  • Any conduct by Customer that, in Provider’s sole discretion, inhibits or restricts any other customer, person or entity from using or enjoying Provider’s Internet Service shall entitle Provider to immediately disconnect Provider’s Internet Service to Customer and terminate this Agreement without notice. Customer agrees to use Provider’s Internet Service only for lawful purposes.   Customer may not use, or allow others to use, Customer’s Provider’s Internet Service account, either directly or indirectly, to:
  • post, transmit, promote, or facilitate the distribution of any unlawful or illegal material, including but not limited to, material that would constitute or encourage copyright or trademark infringement, a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law;
  • post, transmit, promote, or facilitate the distribution of any unsolicited advertising (including but not limited to mass or bulk e-mails), promotional materials or other forms of solicitation to other individuals or entities;
  • unlawfully access other computers or services, or to cause a disruption of service to other on-line users;
  • cause disruption to Provider’s backbone network, nodes, or services; or
  • establish a web page or site on Customer’s computer. 
  1. Termination

This Agreement, the license provided herein, and Customer’s right to use Provider’s Internet Service may be terminated by Provider at any time for violations of provisions contained in this Agreement, and most specifically, if Customer violates any of the terms of Section 13 of this Agreement.   Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time upon providing a 30-day written notice to Provider and upon return of Provider’s equipment and related connecting cables to Provider.  Customer’s bill will be prorated for any prepaid service which may offset any outstanding Customer balance. 

  1. This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their respective heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns, except that it may not be assigned by Customer.
  2. This document and the Customer’s current monthly service plan constitute the entire agreement between Provider and Customer. This agreement may not be modified except in writing and when signed by duly authorized representatives of Provider and Customer. In the event Customer issues, a purchase order, memorandum, specifications or other instrument covering the services provided, such purchase order, memorandum, specifications, or instrument is for Customer’s internal purposes only, and any and all terms and conditions contained therein, whether printed or written, shall not be of any force or effect as between the parties to this Agreement. All parties hereby acknowledge that they have read and understood this Agreement and any attachments and exhibits thereto. This agreement is effective as of the Commencement Date and remains in effect until terminated pursuant to its terms.

Privacy Policy

Element Wireless values how your information is used and shared.

We use your street address to determine if we can provide service to your location. If we cannot provide service to your location, we use your address to help choose neighborhoods where Element Wireless service will be offered in the future.

We use your street and email addresses to keep you informed regarding Element Wireless plans to offer service, and to notify you when Element Wireless services becomes available in your area. We offer an opt-out mechanism in case you no longer want to be contacted by us.

We will only call you by phone if you have requested that we call you (for example to sign-up for service) or to resolve an issue if you already have Element Wireless service.

We will not share your personal information with other companies, organizations or outside individuals except under very specific circumstances, such as with your consent; or for external processing by trusted service providers (based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy); or for necessary legal reasons (such as to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request).

We may share aggregated non-personally identifiable information publicly (and with our partners) to show trends about the general level of demand for our services.

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Statement, its implementation, failure to adhere to this Privacy Statement and/or our general practices, please contact us. E-mail info@elementwireless.co or send your comments to:

Element Wireless, LLC
Attention: Privacy Statement Personnel
397 6th Street
Fisk, MO 63940
Element Wireless, LLC will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly respond and resolve any problem or question.

Acceptable Use Policy

In order to provide high quality service and ensure the integrity of the service, Element Wireless, LLC (“Element Wireless, LLC ”) has adopted this acceptable use policy.

Please read this acceptable use policy prior to accessing the service. “Customer” is used herein to refer to any
person, entity or business organization that uses the service. By using the service, Customer agrees to the terms
of this acceptable use policy. Element Wireless, LLC reserves the right to immediately terminate the
Customer’s service without notice at Element Wireless, LLC’s sole Discretion, if Customer or others using Customer’s service violate this acceptable use policy. Element Wireless, LLC also reserves the right to immediately remove any material or information that violates this policy for any reason whatsoever at Element Wireless, LLC ’s sole discretion without prior notice.

Use of Service

The service provided to the Customer is being provided solely for use by the Customer and any unauthorized access by a third party to e-mail, Internet access, or any other function of the Service is in violation of this Policy and relieves Element Wireless, LLC of any affirmative obligations it may have. Customer will not resell or redistribute, nor allow others to resell or redistribute, access to the service in any manner, except as expressly provided in any contract for service. The limitation on resale or redistribution of access includes, but is not limited to, related applications such as the provision of e-mail, FTP and Telnet access. Element Wireless, LLC reserves the right to disconnect or reclassify the service for failure to comply with any portion of this provision or this Policy. Any violation of these policies may lead to prosecution under state and/or federal law and/or termination of Customer’s service.

End Users

Customer is responsible for ensuring that all end users of the Service comply with this Acceptable Use Policy. Element Wireless, LLC may disconnect service if an end user violates this Acceptable Use Policy. Element Wireless, LLC shall consider any complaints regarding the Customer’s end users to apply to the Customer. Customer is responsible for any and all e-mail addresses associated with the Customer’s account. The Customer is responsible for any misuse of the service, whether by authorized or unauthorized end users. Therefore, the Customer must take steps to ensure that others do not gain unauthorized access to the Service. Customer is solely responsible for the security of (i) any device Customer chooses to connect to the Service, including any data stored or shared on that device and (ii) any access point to the Service. Any wireless network equipment connected to the service must have WEP or WPA security enabled and not be “open” for the public to access.

No Illegal or Fraudulent Use

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the Service to violate any applicable federal, state, local or
international laws. Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the Service to commit a crime, act of terrorism, or fraud, or to plan, encourage or help others to commit a crime or fraud, including but not limited to, acts of terrorism, engaging in a pyramid or ponzi scheme, or sending chain letters.

No Copyright or Trademark Infringement

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to send or receive any information which infringes
the patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or proprietary rights of any other person, entity or business
organization. This includes, but is not limited to, digitization of music, movies, photographs or other copyrighted
materials or software.

No Threats or Harassment

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to transmit any material that threatens or encourages
bodily harm or destruction of property or which harasses, abuses, defames or invades the privacy of any other
person or entity.

No Harm to Minors

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to harm or attempt to harm a minor, including but not
limited to using the service to send pornographic, obscene or profane materials.

No “Spamming”

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to send unsolicited messages or materials, bulk e-mail,
or other forms of solicitation (“spamming”). Element Wireless, LLC reserves the right, in Element Wireless,
LLC ’s sole discretion, to determine whether such posting or transmission constitutes unsolicited
messages or materials. This prohibition against spamming is applicable to mass mailings by Customers in conjunction with third parties and is designed to maintain service quality for all Customers. Mass mailings are those sent to more than 150 recipients by Customer or in conjunction with a third party to any group of recipients. Customer is responsible for maintaining confirmed opt-in records and must provide them to Element Wireless, LLC upon request. The term “opt-in” means that recipient has signed up for mailings voluntarily.

No “Hacking”

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to access the accounts of others or to attempt to penetrate security measures of the service or other computer systems (“hacking”) or to cause a disruption of the service to other on-line users. Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, tools designed for compromising network security, such as password guessing programs, cracking tools, packet sniffers or network probing tools.

No System Disruption

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the Service to disrupt Element Wireless, LLC ’s network or computer equipment owned by other Element Wireless, LLC Customers. Any static public IP address must be authorized and provisioned by Element Wireless, LLC .Customer also agrees that Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to disrupt other Internet Service Providers or services, including but not limited to e-mail bombing or the use of mass mailing programs.

No Impersonation or Forgery

Customer will not impersonate, nor allow others to impersonate, another user, falsify one’s user name, company
name, age or identity in e-mail or in any post or transmission to any online discussion forum, newsgroup or mailing list or other similar groups or lists. Customer will not, nor allows others to, forge any message header of any electronic transmission, originating or passing through the service.

No Excessive Use of Bandwidth

If Element Wireless, LLC determines, in Element Wireless, LLC ’s sole discretion, that Customer
is using an excessive amount of bandwidth over the Element Wireless, LLC network infrastructure for
Internet access or other functions using public network resources, Element Wireless, LLC may at any
time and without notice, suspend excessive bandwidth capability, suspend Customer’s access to the service, and/or terminate the Customer’s account.

No Viruses

Customer will not use, nor allow others to use, the service to transmit computer “viruses,” worms, “Trojan
horses,” “malware” or other harmful software programs. Customer will use standard practices to prevent the
transmission of such viruses or other harmful software.

No Waiver

The failure by Element Wireless, LLC or its affiliates to enforce any provision of this Acceptable Use Policy shall not be construed as a waiver of any right to do so at any time.

No Hosting Servers

Element Wireless, LLC does not allow any personal Hosted Servers (web,email or any other type of
servers) used on our residential services due to high outgoing-traffic volume likely from your computer to the
internet. If you require hosting capabilities. Contact Element Wireless, LLC and ask about our Small
Business Internet Services that might fit your needs.

Revisions to Policy

Element Wireless, LLC reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time and from time to time with or without prior notice. Continued use of the service will be deemed acknowledgment and acceptance of the policy. Notice of modifications to this Policy may be given by posting such changes to Element Wireless, LLC ’s homepage https://elementwireless.co, by electronic mail or by conventional mail.