Tales from the Tower #1

Hey everyone!

This is the first of many posts to keep everyone informed as we move toward our service roll out in mid-May. Please check back often for more updates.

Things are moving along quite nicely with the new building, Dakota Emerson and his crew finished the trusses and decking today and we expect to have it completely under roof soon. Before the week is out, we also hope to have power to the building, electric and network wiring throughout the building, doors, and windows installed, and numerous other small things.

It was also brought to our attention that we haven’t listed any details on the website about installation, equipment, or billing options. So, I am including information in this post and we will add it to the website.

Installation – The installation fee will be waived for the first 30 customers that sign up for any level of service.

Equipment – We will install all the equipment required to connect all of your devices to the Internet. i.e. PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, etc….

Billing – We will have many options for billing but have not finalized all of the details at this time. Here are some of the options we plant to offer.
Frequency – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually (This option will include a discount)
Payment Type – All major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Money Order, Cashier Check will be accepted

-The Element Wireless Team